St. Charles Dart League
Membership Rating List
Winter 2015

Female members have the pink background. Members currently Suspended or on Probation are in bold text.

Member ID Name Rating Last Played
6631 Keith Iborg C8 F14
3758 Kristi Ifland NR
2320 Bill Illy B3 F94
1258 John Iman B3 W00
5156 Cameron Imming B7 F14
2491 Jay Indelicato A4 W08
6565 Jan Ingalls NR F13
6424 Mike Ingalls B3 F14
4705 Tony Ingracia B1 S03
4576 Bill Ingram NR W02
4267 Jeff Ingram A3 W06
4270 Jerry Ingram B2 W02
2589 Andy Ingrande C7 F94
3767 Nicole Inman C6 S00
6108 Amy Inze C4 W09
2678 George Ireland B1 S95
2013 JoAnne Irvin C9 F02
2131 Keith Issgrigs C7 F94
1261 Richard Ivy B1