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Hardcopy Standings

David Race
August 27, 2019

Sharp-eyed visitors may have noticed the clickable, parenthesized word 'printable' next to the division on the standings pages; for those who didn't, shame on you! Anyway, I now have the means to generate a hardcopy of the standings (in .pdf format) for viewing/downloading. It is currently a manual process so about the only thing a can promise is that'll try real hard to update each week before Wednesday. Unlike the YLS version, these files will not be limited to the last 3 weeks.

St Charles County Smoking Ban

Derrick Jones
January 28, 2019

The County-wide ban on smoking in all business establishments took effect today. All of the bars in the league currently sponsoring teams that were smoking are staying that way.

Database Update

David Race
January 1, 2017

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Fall 2019 Mid-season Captains Meeting

Monday, October 7, 2019, 6:30PM  at Moose Lodge #1513. 

NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE! This is a mandatory meeting; all teams MUST be represented by a team member! Two-point penalty for non-attendance.


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Good Darts!

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